Edmodo is a social networking site designed for the classroom setting. It has a user interface that is similar to facebook and is relatively easy to use. It is set up so that teachers can have classes and the students are enrolled in those classes, which are groups. Having this resource in the classroom allows for students to be able to check missed work from their own homes. Edmodo is also a great way to be able to teach students about how to properly and securing use the internet. Edmodo also provides a way for teachers and students to share notes, files and links. Teachers can send alrerts, events, and assignments to students.


Working at different schools in the Chicago area, technologists Nicolas Borg and Jeff O'Hara founded Edmodo. Edmodo was founded in September 2008; The site was acquired by the Fushion Projects, a subsidiary of Revolution Learning in February 2010. The CEO/COO of the Fushion Project was Chuck Rosendahl.


The purpose of Edmodo is for a teacher to be able to communicate with students via the internet. Teachers can have multiple classes, and can add students to their classes. They can then post assignments, announcements, and polls that students can participate in, and more.



The interface that Edmodo uses is similar to that of Facebook. It allows for students to turn assignments into teachers. Below is a image of a screen shot what a students home page can look like. The whole site is designed in order to allow social media into the classroom. There are assignments, calendars, grade-books, and library part to the site. Instructors can easily monitor the site and can see what their students are doing. Many students already know how to use Facebook, so using the site is very easy because they are similar. For younger students, the site is laid out in a way they it is easy to navigate.


Groups are constructed for students classes in Edmodo; any time a teacher post a new blog on Edmodo for her/his students, the new post shows up in the notification box. Once you have joined Edmodo you can set up any number of "small groups". To create a "small group" you simply go to the Members page for a group, you can access this by hovering over the group name, and clicking "Members".
external image managemenu.png
In the side bar located to the left you will see a link to make a small group, once your there click it and assign a name that suits your topic or convention. After you have done all of that you can now highlight students name in the left box and click the arrow to assign them to your small group in the right box.


The posts that can be made by a teacher on Edmodo include, assignments, interactive polls, quizes, alerts, and feeds. Assignments are text based posts that can include links, but Edmodo will let the student know when an assignment is due or when it is late. Polls, can include multiple choice answers based on a question, and students are able to vote on the poll, and Edmodo will display the results after the student has voted. Alerts are pretty much announcements made by the teacher.


On the grades tab, you are able to choose which classes grades you want to see. Then it lists all the assignments that instructor has given and whether or not they have been turned in. There is also a new feature, a graph that tracks, over time, the assignments in which you turn in and the ones you don't. Teachers can grade work and post the grade they are giving their student. By selecting a certain assignment a teacher and student can comment on it and upload files to it. After clicking on an assignment you can turn it in as well. The Library portion of Edmodo has a "backpack". Your backpack is where you can add links that link to site that you are using for assignments. It's like a bookmarking site. You can created files to keep everything organized as well. You can also view links and attachments that others have posted through their own posts.